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John Wright is a photographer

John’s work is held in the permanent collection of The National Portrait Gallery in London. 

He has exhibited in The Palais De Tokyo in Paris.

His images are displayed in countless commercial galleries throughout Europe. 

He is based at his own Studio/Gallery in Shoreditch, London: MOTEL

He has undertaken commercial commissions for LOUIS VUITTON, DIOR, FENDI, ELIE SAAB and other serious faced grown ups.

He grew up with two pairs of shoes in Shitsville in Scotland and could see the Campsie Fells from his bathroom window.

He drew pictures as a child on the back of discarded rolls of wallpaper. Sheet paper seemed scarce. Few people looked at his pictures.

He graduated from High School an experienced shop lifter and committed fantasist.

He has approximately 30 pairs of shoes.

He didn’t study Art, Art History, Photography or Media and he didn’t go to university.

He is a student of Taoism, Buddhism and Stoicism.

He finds it difficult to separate work life from life life.

His work is his attempt at communicating the way he feels about the human beings he sees in the world around him. 

He hopes his images will entertain, challenge, reward and delight you.

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